Find A Perfect Weekend Retreat in New Jersey Lake Communities

Are you looking for a perfect place in the lap of nature to spend your weekend in peace with your family, then the unspoiled lake communities in NJ are the right option for you. This beautiful place nestled in the midst of 465 acres of wooded area gives you the much-needed seclusion from the hustle bustle of the city life.

The center of attraction of the lake communities in NJ is a 10 to 15 thousand year old glacial lake. The 2.5-mile-long lake with crystal clear water provides the perfect place where you can put up your feet and watch all your worry and tension melting away. This spring fed glacial lake is situated at an elevation of 1048 feet. It is 0.4 miles wide and has an average depth of around 13 feet.

Considered to be one of the cleanest large lakes in the country its natural beauty is unparalleled. The lake is surrounded by a thickly wooded area and mountains. The north-west shore of this great lake has a steep rise of 150–200 feet in some places where you will find large boulders scattered around that confirm its glacial past. When you move to the south-west side of the lake, you will be met with a big wetland that further enhances the virginal look of this place.

This largely unspoiled piece of nature has two associations of homeowners called the Green Pond Corporation and the Lake End Corporation. If you buy a property in any of these two New Jersey lake communities, you automatically become a stakeholder to all the common land that surrounds the community. In addition, you will be able to use several facilities that are specially created for the community members and their guests which are not open to the general public like a ball field, golf, horse riding, a hiking and skiing trail, a community and yacht clubs among others. Furthermore, the large pond in the middle gives you a unique opportunity to enjoy water skiing, motor boating and sailing in the glassy waters of the lake.

The lake communities in NJ also extend the advantage of renting the property for a few weeks to enjoy the untamed natural beauty in all its glory. This place is only one hour from Manhattan and can be accessed by Route 23, 80 and 287. This makes it a perfect place for a quick getaway where you can spend some quality time with your family and recharge your body to come back to work with renewed vigor.

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