I disagreed with what I was reading but didn’t plan to respond.

Well the issue is, you’re here in an “all taxation is theft, the free market is king” ideology.

That’s your right. There’s plenty of empirical evidence to say that you’re wrong, not to mention the fact that the underpinning of that theory requires a careful avoidance of any examination of just how “free” any given set of market structures are. There is no such thing as a free market, and JK Rowling grew up in a country where she survived to write the Harry Potter books because we didn’t, at the time, starve people to death arbitrarily. We’ve changed that since. You’d like it here. We have breadlines and everything.

If you don’t buy the idea of taxation, we’re really not discussing things from the same perspective. This is a discussion from within the perspective that your radical libertarianism is wrong, not an attempt to prove it wrong.

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