Get rid of traffic congestion and accidents Advanced traffic management system

Advanced Traffic Management System or ATMS is a solution, which is being used to reduce traffic congestion and accidents. If an accident occurs, then the victims can be attended as soon as possible and sent to the hospital to save their lives.

It helps to easily monitor the traffic and safety can be implemented on highways. Many technologies have been combined in this system to which lets the people know about the conditions of the road and it also helps in managing the transport.

Advantages of advanced traffic management system

Here are the advantages of ATMS, which will help the commuters to drive safely on highways.

· The safety on the highways is increased.

· There is reduction in traffic congestion.

· There is reduction in accidents.

· The traffic can be monitored so that various types of incidents can be prevented.

· The response to any incident is increased.

· The traffic flow can be controlled

Features of ATMS

ATMS comes with many features, which helps the commuters to commute safely on roads. Some of these features are described here.


ATCC or Automatic Traffic Counter and Classifiers is a system that has the feature of recording the number of all ate vehicles running on the road along with length, axes, and difference between each axis. IR technology has been implemented in this system, which helps in transferring accurate data in real time on GSM network.

Command and Control Center

CCR or Command Control and Center provides real time data in order to help the user to control traffic on a highway. The data is received with the help of field equipment and helps in providing maximum safety o the drivellers on the road.

Emergency Call Box

This is a call box, which a user can use to contact the highway controller about the situation in which he is. The situation can be bad weather or problem in his vehicle or something else. The information is sent quickly and help is sent to the user. The distance between each ECB is two kilometers and users can use them to get rid of the situation.

Meteorological System

This system is used to check atmospheric and weather conditions which include humidity wind speed, temperature etc. and the sensors in the system include many equipment such as pyrometer, anemometer, humidity meter, and other things which helps the travelers to know about the weather and not go to the places where weather conation is not good.

Mobile Radio Communication System

This system consists of mobile radio base stations which help the users to communicate through their mobile to the related persons based on the situation the user is facing. If he is facing weather problem, he can contact the person who is expert in telling him the ways of getting rid of the problem or send somebody to help him.

Wrapping up

These are the various systems which the people can use in time of need during their travel. The highway traffic management also helps the people in every to get rid of the problems and reach their destination safely.