A couple weekends ago, in late summer my boyfriend and I had the opportunity to stay with a friend in the family’s cabin in Sarnia, Canada for a weekend. We are both sustainably conscious individuals interested in living environmentally holistic lives, and thought it would be fun to challenge ourselves to have a sustainable weekend through conscious purchasing, activities, and waste reduction.

Originally published at greenupward.com.

The SolarMill studio is a eco-tech wonderland of solar energy based creativity and concepts, and I was ~sunstruck~ by their work. They are a small design and manufacturing studio that is entirely solar-powered. Their mission is to effect a solar renaissance: to inspire others to harness the power of the…

Green Upward

Green Upward is a design studio & lifestyle blog seeking to rethink what sustainability is in our daily lives. By Gabriella Jacobsen | www.greenupward.com

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