HowI Prepared My Nebosh IGC Exam in first time

You may get many questions before start preparing for the NEBOSH IGC exam. Some of the questions are to be considered during revision process.

  1. Does the revision timetable works out?
  2. How should I revise?
  3. Practicing on previous year question paper — will this increase my score?

1. Does the revision timetable works out?

Absolutely, as we are too busy people and at beginning , in the middle of the revision time one may think that there is lot of time to for revision before the exam, but the time will pass quickly and the exam will arrive soon before you complete your whole revision.

Organize your time effectively

This will be the most general guidance and advice to follow during the study and revision time.

It is recommended to have each study sessions of 20 minutes to 1 hour. Do whatever suits you during revision. Make a time table with proper time slots and decide what you are going to revise in each time slot.

Do your best with time slot plan also have a little flexibility.

2. How should I Revise?

Before start to revise ask yourself and know ,

What all I have studied? What do I remember from the entire course content? Can I implement at workplace what I have learnt?

Revision techniques

The revision is not just looking back again and again the learning materials and it is an active task, in which it comprises of organizing the materials and finding ways to remember everything which suites your own learning style.

Do summarize, whatever you have learnt into key points/bulletins. If this works out well make sketches/diagrams by linking the key points.

Some of the common techniques to remember these are mind-mapping, bubble diagrams etc.

3. Practicing on previous year question paper — will this increase my score?

It makes you more familiar with the NEBOSH exam questions and its pattern. the ways by how you can pass in the exam, so your revision part should enclosed with NEBOSH exam question papers.

NEBOSH has also published a guide for candidates on how to answer the question based on command words used in the particular question. You can find this on NEBOSH official website, as “NEBOSH guide to answering exam questions” See also NEBOSH Course Syllabus

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