Dream feel.s

It is very hot. We stand and sitting down below the 32degree striking sun, 11am to 1 pm. So just now at the UPACARA, and parade UKM, we were told to watch the whole event in the lapangan kampus, 1000+ of us, and we made line according to our faculty.

Apparently, there’s a maba or student who tried to get up (everyone is sitting), then.. just by the time she stand, she blankly fall. She faint. And another students tried to prevent her from falling, the others tried to lift her, it takes quiet time to carry her until i shout from a really far location from where it happened (no one heard me, btw), i shout, “WHERE IS THE SENIOR COMITTEE?!!!???” LIKE, NO ONE HELP HER??!

Then… Just by the time i shout, a man with avicenna rompi came and lift her. Saving her. I want to cry on the spot. My tears fell.

Avicenna is an organization consisting medical student in the campus. they are the medical team on the event.

I shed a tear because i want to be a survivor just like him. A doctor on the field, to help.

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