Thailand Story: Touchdown, IPS, Host Fam

Sawasdee Thailand #21

AIESEC KU Thailand

Week 1 — 22 December 2016

Pra Project.

I don’t have much words for this part because if I do, I’ll write more than 2 pages. This is the thing: I only have 2 weeks to prepare myself for the project. Packing, Visa, flight ticket, documents, and college thing, all in 2 weeks. (When normally other exchange paticipant have a month or more to prepare) While in the second week, I have my college exam/UAS for the whole week. So I only (merely) have a week to prepare everything, like everything in one week. Did it happen? It did. I’m in Thailand right now, happy and all in good shape. The Vice President of the event only asked, “are you ready?” and i said yes. What I’m trying to say is, everything is possible when you have the will (and guts) to achieve it. Go for it, gengs!

(but I think it’s still much better if you have more time to prepare :) –so you could be more less stressful, because honestly i am :D )

D-Day: Fly to Bangkok

I have tips. If you want to be less nervous, prepare everything good and nice since days and days before d-day, so you will be less nervous and less anxious, because I am!

So it’s my first flight by myself. Everything went smooth, and well, oiyaaah, jangan lupa berdo’a. Because everything happened upon God’s will. Everything is well, kecuali mungkin orang disekitar gue paham bahwa gue pertama kali naik pesawat sendirian karena my face most of the time is zonk, probably because I have too much on my head. I’m not in the mood to listen to any music either. It suppose to be normal, I think……

I like this city and wanted to go here since looong time ago, it’s in one of my 2016 bucket list. By the time the plane was about to land, i can see the streetlight from above (because it’s a night flight), I am amaaaaaaazeedd, how should I say? It’s pretty! The city is pretty! :) i am in love with Bangkok & Thailand even before i land in the city. i am especially curious for the traditional culture and i swear.

There in the airport, my dear EP Buddy, Lotus, wave her hand while holding a paper with “Kaltsum Muttaqiya Latumakulita” written on it. I am sooooooo glad I met her. I really am.. Even until now. She is amazing. She answered all of my question of curiosity.. (EP Buddy is a buddy to help the exchange participant during the time in Thailand). From the airport until we arrive at the apartment, We talked, chit chat like we had met for long. (That’s because before, in Indonedia, we chat everyyyy day).


This time,the IPS is called Expansion IPS. Why expansion? Because it’s an Incoming Preparation Seminar held by 4 LC University at once. Held By Kasetsaart University (the LC I’m in), Bangkok University, TNI University, and also UTCC (the host university of Expansion IPS).

Friday morning, We had to wake up at 7, because we have to go to UTCC University at 8. My first meal in Thailand: breakfast: Bread with Strawberry + Orange Jam (#iniPenting). (because before, i expect to update my instagram with majestic thai food and upload it on my instagram with a caption: “First meal in Thailand”)

IPS berjalan lancar dan petjah, it’s pretty fun for me. I am happy during IPS. Just imagine, 100 people in the auditorium room, 50 of it is Thai Aiesecers: OC, Faci, and Buddy. the other 50 is the EP (out of 50 EP, 30 is Indonesians, h4h4 borong ceu), and the others is from the other country like Vietnam, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, Brazil, Argentina, and many more. So honsetly, this is the first time I get to encounter a lot of people from different country at once. By the end of the day, the AIESEC Thai Comittee prepare some welcoming ceremony. They close our eyes with a black bandage, and the buddy hold our hand to show the way. When we arrive, they told us to sit, then they sing. a welcoming song in Thai language, it’s really nice and warm…. I am touched :’) When they open our eyes, we are circling around many candles, and the buddy/oc/faci tied a bracelet made of white rope, my buddy told me this is the ceremony that they made to welcome people, usually made for new batch of students in the university.

The second day of IPS, it’s also getting more and more exciting, I think the event is pretty well held. Or is it just me being all happy and glad inside? I think we all did. IPS day 2, there’s this session where we gotta teach the student and the buddy will act as the student. I was pretty confuse that time because it’s so sudden.. in the end my group didn’t win, it’s okay, the other groups did awesome and they deserve it :D

Global Village, WOOHOO! We were all excited for this one! Global Village is an event made in the end of the IPS, made to present (any food, performance, presentation or anything from) their own country! Because everyone prepared a lot, they prepared the costumes, the dance, the song, the performance, the food, etc! The OC Faci and EP buddy closed the door of the hall, so everyone can get in the hall when everything’s ready. We wait outside, then, when it’s time, they opened the door and there’s this screaming of welcoming yell/song by the AIESEC Thai committee, it was full of cheer! They put a white mud/mask (I don’t know what to call this) in our face so everyone got a mark on their face.

Each country got session to do the performance. Indonesia decided to sing Indonesia Pusaka, Tanah Air Beta, while doing the fashion show of our traditional costumes, and in the end we dance to poco poco together. I am most excited for poco poco part because I am the instructor, like oke men… Pas rehearsal berhasilll, dan pas kejadian, do you know.. Everyone stand up, they wanted to dance together, I am sooooo soo happy!!! I invited them to dance, even tho the step is kind of hard to follow, and the music is not loud enough so only my “to the left, to the right, one, two three” voice that was heard, but the crowddd! (btw Indonesia is the first performer). After the performance, we go around to taste foods or drinks, snacks, and lots and lots of food from other country [my fav part]. The AIESEC THAI committee also prepared stands of games, so It really felt like we’re on a festival! It was dope. The dope-est part of IPS, is the global village. Everyone is happy, the vibe is amazing!

The next day, we all separated by each LC to go to the province. I’m in Ratchaburi, the province is not too far from Bangkok, about 1.5 hour drive by minivan, so we went at midday 12pm. The time has come. The day i’m gonna meet the hostfam has come. Confusingly, I am not that nervous when I was picked up. I was picked up by the English Teachers of the TN (school I’ll be teaching in), and both of them is so nice and welcoming. Credits to Kru Pook and Kru Tun for accepting me really really well since the beginning.

The first question in the car on the way to the house; “are you hungry?” And I answered, “Hiw Kaw Kaa” means, I am hungry. So my host teacher took us to a restaurant, we ate Yum, Tom Yum, Som Tum (I anticipate this one by lotsss), chicken, and also watermelon bingsoo! Got a real taste of Thailand! :) by far, I can conlude that most of Thai Food is spicy, almost everything is spicy, if it’s not spicy, then it’s sweet! So those who favor salt food (like I do), maybe you want to consider to bring a salt! Or saos sachetan to go. But so far it’s good, the food! :) so far I’m soo happy. Gotta make it all fun!

Ah yeah, my host family took me to the sunflower field right away after the food!

Taqiya Latumakulita

Ratchaburi, Jan 6th 2017

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