I realize how important a lunch or a meal is back when i was in high school. Especially for the “lunch together” part. It got a valuable point that people might seem to ignore. Personally before, i am someone who’d buy meals outside or hang out at the mall with my girl friends, then of course we’d ended up chatting and blabbering, or gossiping about someone, because that’s the fun part.

Wait, no. We don’t really gossip. We mostly talks, you know. You know, girls. 3000 words a day. Yep.

When i was in High School (which is actually a few months ago i am still one), my house is really far from my school so i barely have time to make a lunchbox. Sometimes i don’t even have time to make breakfast. That makes me have to eat out for lunch. Every freaking day, for a year. First year of high school.

Surrounded in an environment where i don’t really have much of a friends other than my classmates, having lunch and talks at the same times is really, really precious for me. There’s just this type of talks where i don’t get elsewhere. Which is brand new for me.

With who you’re eating with does matter, tho, big time. Credits to the teachers and friends who have been sharing lunch with me, because they talk advice, REAL discussion. Real talk.

By eating out for lunch at school, is the first time i really i really understand why people on movies and drama always ask people out for a cup of coffee, a lunch date, or dinner together. I understand that the food probably only holds up to 15% of the event. What matters is the talks, you know. Talks. Discuss. By lunch i know that people like to discuss something. By lunch i understand people worries, or people’s trouble. By seating down i understand the global issue, or events. Basically, first year of h

And this is me right now, trying to figure out that i haven’t seat down and eat with people for the past months… and i feel kinda, weird you know ㅋㅋㅋ trying to deal with college life that is kinda challenging? But Not just the college life tho…

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