I miss learning Math

Recently I had been doing some serious introspection into my life — more out of boredom than will. I was looking back at my childhood for happy memories.

One of the best times I had was when I was learning mathematics. Math was a play mate.

I miss all those times I spent with those thick R D Sharma books. It would be bought at the beginning of each year. The prescribed NCERT text was considered lower math. R D Sharma was the real “high giver”. I miss all those long nights spent with it — that rush of happiness when you solve a problem after spending hours on it.

Time spent with Math was one of the best times of my life

Math teachers were my favorite and it was them who adored me the most. Solving a math problem first in the class was a matter of pride. After solving a problem, I always kept the pen down with a “tick” sound on the notebook to let the whole class know that I have finished the problem. (I am sure a lot of you had done it too).

I miss the love and passion I had for a certain subject. Now I am caught in the cobweb of Engineering.

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