10 extraordinary borders in Europe

French-German border separated by the remains of a tower

Borders are not always symbolized by a customs post. Some are natural, cut a house, a way or by a simple marking. They can also show in a spectacular way the difference between two countries. Here are the most extraordinary borders of Europe

The Italian photographer Valerio Vincenzo offers us through pictures realized since 2007, for the series Borderline, a panorama of the borders between the various member European States of the Schengen area.

Polish-German border demarcated by wooden advanced
natural border between Poland and Slovakia
Latvian-Estonian border separated by a stone path
Austria Czech Republic border
Portugal frontier Spain: two fields, two countries
Natural border between Germany and Denmark
Franco-Swiss border is separated by a road.
Switzerland Italy border demarcated by floats
Border between Belgium and the Netherlands bounded by ground markings

Credit : Valerio Vincenzo -http://www.valeriovincenzo.com/