Greg Lindberg Explores Quantum Biology

Chapter 3: Greg Lindberg Explores Quantum Biology and Fasting in New Book, 633 Days Inside

Greg Lindberg
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In the third chapter of his widely acclaimed book, 633 Days Inside: Lessons on Life and Leadership, detailing his time in prison for what has since been determined as a wrongful conviction, entrepreneur Greg Lindberg shares a fascinating look into quantum biology and mitochondrial biogenesis. Specifically, how they play an integral role in the effectiveness of fasting — one of the disciplines Greg Lindberg claims has made the most significant difference in his life.

In 2020, a jury found Greg Lindberg guilty of bribery and conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Politics played a big role in the case and conviction, and many condemned the decision. Eventually, the federal appeals court overturned Lindberg’s conviction in 2022. However, the matter isn’t over yet: A new trial is set for 2023.

As a result, Lindberg spent almost two years in prison. During his stay, he began writing an autobiography, 633 Days Inside, that includes his prison stories, revelations, and a guide to life, leadership, and never giving up.

He wrote, “In prison, I found time to read hundreds of medical journal and science journal articles. One of the most important that I found was a medical journal article on mitochondrial biogenesis and the power of fasting, ‘Thermodynamics and Inflammation: Insights into Quantum Biology and Aging’ by [Alistair] Nunn, [Geoffrey] Guy, and [Jimmy David] Bell, published Feb. 3, 2022, in the journal [Recent Advances in] Quantum Reports.”

Greg Lindberg’s Awe-Inspiring Origin Story

In 1970, Greg Evan Lindberg was born in San Mateo, California. He attributes many of his inherent characteristics, especially his work ethic, to his mom and dad, who raised five children, Lindberg the youngest.

They weren’t very well off, but his parents worked hard to support the family and put meals on the table. They toiled to ensure Lindberg got what his parents didn’t: a college education. His university years not only directly inspired the company that would eventually earn him a fortune, but they also fostered a curious mind that was like a sponge for knowledge.

During his stint at Yale, Lindberg performed well. Graduating with a degree in economics, he experienced a sequence of events that would forever alter his life.

He was amazed at the poor quality of writing and production in a medical newsletter he read when he was 21 years old and was convinced he could do a much better job.

He started “Home Care Week,” a weekly medical newsletter, and it became a highly rated medical media resource in no time. Eventually, “Home Care Week” evolved into Eli Research, which became the predecessor to Global Growth, Lindberg’s phenomenally successful business that he built from the ground up.

A Deep Dive into Chapter 3 — Fasting, Mitochondrial Biogenesis, and Quantum Biology

Lindberg didn’t wither away during the months he was wrongfully imprisoned. Instead, he put the time to good use, studying some esoteric subjects, most notably “Thermodynamics and Inflammation: Insights into Quantum Biology and Aging” by Nunn, Guy, and Bell, published February 3, 2022, in the journal Quantum Reports.

“I believe quantum tunneling is a communication method among humans that increases dramatically after four to five days of fasting,” Greg Lindberg shared in Chapter 3 of his book. “In prison on the fourth and fifth day of my fasts, people that otherwise would not have approached me would come up to me and have conversations. I believe this is because the ultrahigh voltage running along my electron transport chains allows long-range quantum tunneling — instant nonlocal communication with other people. I believe every one of us has these ‘quantum powers’ if we chose to exercise them.”

He provides a fascinating summary of his studies and how they relate to intermittent fasting, which he claims changed his life dramatically during his incarceration. Here are some of the conclusions he came to while behind bars, as discussed in 633 Days Inside.

We Were Created

Lindberg says the origins of life on Earth were directed by nonlocal intelligence. Then, 4.5 billion years ago, bacteria figured out how to communicate using quantum tunneling and to self-organize for survival.

Unless these bacteria were directed by nonlocal intelligence, scientists don’t know how they could have accomplished this. So another way to put it is that a creator created us.

The Beneficial Mechanism of Fasting

Greg Lindberg believes that after four or five days of fasting, your mitochondrial electron transport chain (ETC) ramps up in volume.

Some physicists have suggested this quantum tunneling, which by definition is nonlocal, allows a connection to nonlocal intelligence.

Lindberg does advise, “I share my experiences with intermittent fasting and theories on quantum physics, I acknowledge that I am not a medical professional and that one should always consult with a physician before making drastic changes to their diet and lifestyle.”

Deeper Levels of Communication

In Lindberg’s opinion, quantum tunneling is a form of communication among humans that increases dramatically after fasting for four to five days. According to his theory, long-range quantum tunneling is possible with the ultrahigh voltage running along his electron transport chains — communication with others nonlocally in an instant. In addition, he believes that we all possess these “quantum powers” if we choose to use them.

Greg Lindberg believes that these are the most potent and exciting implications in Nunn’s work, despite dozens of other profound implications in Nunn’s work. But, as always, Lindberg doesn’t only think outside of the box; he doesn’t even consider the box.

He writes, “Since I’ve started my fasts, my memory has improved dramatically, my sleep quality has improved dramatically, and my creativity, focus, and attention to detail have all increased. Fasting is quite possibly the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It is far harder than checking into prison. I would never have found the discipline to make such a life-changing step if I wasn’t focused on turning my adversity to my advantage.”

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