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The Imperial Presidency is indeed a problem and the bureaucracy that feeds off of “fear” and redundancy is all to happy to guard (easy duty)Obama’s empty Chicago house (and pissing off his neighbors) AND his new Georgetown rental digs AND his Rancho Mirage golf course home.

Trump recently looked at the Air Force One program and declared it out of control. Obama when he took office canceled the Marine One program (for new helicopters), but by the time he left office the Marine One fleet had new livery (along with new limo livery)

Of course Camp David is fully Staffed .. doubt that Trump has even been there yet.

With all that Trump has on his plate, wrestling with the Imperial Presidency is still out there as previous presidents caved to agency/program dreams of self importance to the mission of facilitating and “protecting” the presidency.

Is it Trump out of control, or the agencies that serve him?

I don’t give Trump a pass, but he’s finding it difficult “to turn off the water” (Immigration Order, etc..) and i’m not concerned about the first month as I am the last year .. will this insanity ever have a pragmatic sense of value?

One of the most important elements of our Republic, is that our leaders step down to be citizens again (George Washington) and live in the country and laws they created. If we continue “protecting” Presidents, how is that they will ever become regular citizens?

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