An in-depth look at the TextFormField widget

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Part of the Decode Flutter Series

If you’re going to make apps in Flutter, you’re going to be using TextFormField widgets. They allow users to enter data, and they’re used a lot. Best to get to know a little more about this widget.

When a user enters data into a Flutter app, it’s a common requirement for that data be validated before it’s saved to a database for example. If you don’t need to validate the text input at all, you do have the option to use the widget, TextField. …

Another more intuitive yet subtle approach to DI in Flutter

A quick search of the phrase, “Dependency Injection” in Flutter Community will give you a list of articles. All are very informative and offer libraries and ‘service locators’ to implement Dependency Injection. This article will offer an alternative to implementing code and or annotations to supply DI.

Now, I’m not picking on Marc Guilera in particular and his article, Dependency Injection In Flutter. …

Part of the ‘A Work in Progress’ Series

Data is very important. Every mobile app will be working with a data source in some form or another. It would be beneficial the framework used accommodates for this and clearly designates the code responsible for that data source. In this article, I’m going to introduce you to the code responsible for saving, changing, and deleting the very ‘todo’ items that are the purpose of the example app, WorkingMemory. More specifically, I’m going to present how the app first accesses and opens the data sources involved in this app.

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A Work In Progress

This is part of the A Work in Progressseries of articles covering the progress of a simple ‘ToDo’ app I’m working on called WorkingMemory. The intent of this series is to document the implementation of every and all aspects of this app, its construction as well as its use of the MVC framework library package, mvc_application. …


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