What You See is What You Get

Punch Buggy

Have you ever bought a new car, a model that you have not owned in the past, and then all of a sudden you start to see a lot of those cars on the road? I play a game with my children, Punch Buggy. A punch buggy is a VW Beetle. Why they call it a punch buggy, I don’t know. Whenever we are on the road the first one to see a VW Beetle calls out “Punch Buggy.” That person gets a point. We also play it with Cameros. The point is now I see a lot more “punch buggies” and Cameros on the road. This is how our brains work. We tell it to look for or focus on something and it finds it.

Our brains take in millions of bits of information every day. Consciously we cannot digest it all. Subconsciously our brains sort through all of that data and let our conscious brain see what we have told it to focus on.

Our brain works in pictures and only positive pictures. I did a lot of studying into the psychology of golf. A popular book was “The Inner Game of Golf.” If you were getting ready to tee off and there was a fairly large body of water between you and where you wanted your ball to go. You cannot tell yourself, “don’t hit in the water.” What does your brain see when you say that. It sees the water. Your brain is now focusing on the water. Instead we should be telling ourselves to “hit the ball on the green” or “hit the ball in the fairway.” Now our brains are focusing on the positive outcome that we want to achieve.

A few years ago I had two really good years in a row. I had my goals written out, I looked at them and wrote them down almost every day. This kept them fresh in my mind. For some reason I got away from that, I don’t know why but shortly after stopping my business dropped off. Recently I got together with a colleague and as we were talking discovered that he had a similar experience.

So what does this have to do with real life? This works in all aspects of our lives not just sports. It works for our relationships, our jobs, our financial situations, you name it.

If we want to improve our lives, whether it is our family lives or the work place or other, we need to change something. You have heard this before, “if you keep doing what you have always done, you keep getting what you have always got.” So if we want better, something needs to change. The first thing that needs to change is our focus.

In our personal lives this is relatively easy because it is just us, our personal vision, our personal goal. As we move to our companies and organizations this gets more challenging because we need to have a shared vision. Words often have different pictures for different people. So our vision needs to be crafted in such a way that everyone has the same picture. This could take some time tweaking and may need a little trial and error to get the desired result.

Once we have the vision, our subconscious can go to work. You may have heard the expression, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This is kind of what we are talking about here. Does that mean the teacher will appear tomorrow? No. Does this mean that as soon as we have our vision clearly defined, we will get what we desire? Again, no. This is just the first step. Once we have a clear vision of what we want, when we can see this picture in our head, then we will start to see how to get there. Once we have that focus, the punch buggies and Cameros will start to appear. I have been looking for new ways to build my business. Opportunities keep popping up that I may not have noticed if I was not looking for them. I am meeting people that will help me grow my business that I would not have met had I not been looking.

The two main things to remember, whether you wanting to change personally or implement change on the corporate level is that the vision needs to be very clear and it needs to stay focused. It needs to be there every day so that you will continue to see the opportunities. It needs to be there so that you can remember where it is that you are trying to get to. Is it going to be easy? No. Is it going to be worth it? That depends on what it is and what you really want.

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