I Saw Jesus This Weekend

Before you run off because you think this is one of those “I died and went to heaven for a day” posts let me assure you it’s not. Now, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with those posts. I’m only saying this isn’t one of them.

Rather, this is a post about how I saw Jesus with my own eyes this weekend. He didn’t look like I expected though. I expected someone tall, thin, good looking and with really long hair. Instead, he was shorter. He was overweight and he had shorter hair. This man was in his mid to late 30's as well.

The man I saw was a Hispanic man in the middle of Ft. Worth. He was waiting in line to grab some ice cream. It was an ice cream sundae to be exact. He was homeless and he was in line with hundreds of other men and women looking for some ice cream. They had already eaten lunch and now this was the desert.

In the middle of Ft. Worth, there is a park in which these homeless people are ministered to daily. They are given food, toiletry type items and other necessities on a daily basis. My church, along with five or six other churches, partnered together with the park directors to help serve ice cream to these people.

Out of the hundreds of people in the park, this one particular man stood out to me. This man that became Jesus to me. Let me explain. I was given the task of filming the activities that were happening so that I could put together a video. This video was to show the ministry possibilities in hopes to get other churches involved.

I walked around the park with an iPhone connected to a monopod and filmed. I filmed everything from the park director praying, to serving ice cream to songs being sung. It was an amazing couple of hours.

However, something happened halfway through the event that I’ll never forget. The man I referenced earlier — the one who stood out to me — he grabbed his ice cream and headed to the tables. As he was walking over there, he tripped and fell. He dumped is ice cream everywhere.

Now I didn’t get this trip on camera but I saw it happen. I watched the entire event. It happened about 10 feet away from me. I watched him lay there and reach for the ice cream. It was laying in the dirt. Someone rushed over and helped pick him up.

He sat down at the table and had blood falling from his lip. He was wearing shorts and you could see the blood was pouring from his knee as well. He was embarrassed. It was obvious. You could tell that he was upset about the ice cream too. He had waited a long time in line for that. As they cleaned him up and got him some stuff for the wounds, another homeless man grabbed him some more ice cream.

It was a thing of beauty to watch. Everyone helping this man in time of need. I kept on filming a drama that was taking place as I watched this man being tended to from the corner of my eye. As we were packing up to leave, he walked by me. I wanted to ask how he was and if he was ok, but I didn’t. I kept silent. Instead I got in the truck and we drove off.

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about that man. I didn’t say one word to him but he made a lasting impression on my life. You see, Jesus told his disciples in Matthew 25 that He will tell the people on His left side to depart from Him. He was hungry and they didn’t feed Him. He was thirsty and they didn’t give him a drink. He was a stranger and they didn’t take Him in. He was naked and they didn’t clothe Him. He was sick and in prison and they didn’t visit Him. Then they will ask when did we not do these things. Jesus responded with this: “When you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.” (NLT)

See, I was so busy doing my job that I neglected the need in front of me. I could have easily helped the man up and helped him get cleaned up. I could have gotten him some more ice cream. Instead I acted too busy. I didn’t have time because I had a duty. I had something more important that was taking my time. In essence I turned my back on Jesus when He needed me. I allowed my responsibilities to overshadow what it was I was there to do. I was there to minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Instead I filmed others ministering the Gospel.

So I saw Jesus the other day. I saw him trip and fall in front of me and I turned the other cheek. Luckily someone else took up the slack and ministered to Him while I was busy working. God help us to realize the important things in life and help us to reach out when Jesus falls.