I hear you but when ummm yes that is diversity.
Yauri S. Kelly Dalencour

Diversity turns individuals into groups and classes. Oscars should go to those who deserve them based on TALENT, not race, not gender. When Meryl Streep wins an Oscar, nobody says “she got it because she’s white.”

All the race baiters do is divide us. So what is most geeks are white men who end up in Silicon Valley? So what if most Jews would rather become accountants instead of mountain climbers? So what is most rap music is sang by blacks and country music by whites? Who are they hurting? Nobody.

The race-baiters are crazy, at one college they were complaining that Martin Luther King, Jr’s quote about people being judged by the content of their character isn’t inclusive enough. Luckily, common sense prevailed for once, and the quote wasn’t removed.

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