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Great, another anti-white racist post. Imagine the outcry if I were to write one called “The Problem With Black People.” Of course, I would never do that because what I hate is certain behaviors, not races.

White supremacy? LOL, white supremacy is the KKK burning crosses, segregation, neo-nazis beating up someone, that rarely happens anymore.

If anything, we have BLACK SUPREMACY and minority supremacy in this country.

Equality was never enough for the Malcom X types, their true goal is to bring back slavery. Sure, they won’t need whites picking cotton, but they’ll make whites hate themselves and submit to Master Black. That’s the goal of Whiteness History Month and the rest of the BS they’re teaching in college.

“These are things that cannot be said to white people, however sweetly, without incurring a backlash.”

What backlash? You can say anything and get away with it, when was the last time a black person was called racist? It rarely happens. Even Farrakhan gets treated with respect by the liberal media, and Farrakhan is no different than David Duke and true white racists.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, that’s all some black people do. If your ghettoes are filthy, it’s the white man. If 70% of prisoners are black, it’s white supremacy, their crimes had nothing to do with it. If black people score low on a test to become a firefighter, then the test is too hard! It’s never that they didn’t study hard enough. Isn’t diversity wonderful? It removes individual achievement with class achievement.

Frankly, I think blacks like you should spend a few months in Africa. Why? Because there you won’t find any whites you can bitch about, instead you’ll have to deal with only black people and maybe then you can start seeing yourself as an individual, maybe then you’ll see that Africa’s problems are not the fault of colonialism which ended long ago. On the other hand, perhaps a true racist like you is incapable of changing.

So whatever, keep on bitching about white people, your life will continue to be a living hell. Enjoy.

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