Hey Gregory, filthy socialist redistribution of wealth was used to invent the Internet.
James X Nelson

“Hey Gregory, filthy socialist redistribution of wealth was used to invent the Internet. If you don’t like it, you should probably leave.”

The government didn’t invent the military, individual SCIENTISTS working for the government invented the military. The government does NOTHING without us. You think Harry Reid and all those other losers know anything other than what they learned in law school? They’re useless parasites the lot of them. This is why when there’s a government shutdown, nobody notices .

“ Global warming is a massive problem that could destroy the whole planet.”

You mean climate change? You’re not supposed to call it global warming because then you look stupid on a cold day. Climate change is a con, anyway, Al Gore has made MILLIONS promoting that garbage, and none of the global warming predictions for the year 2000 came true.

“If you call everyone that disagrees with your philosophy a socialist (including massive capitalists like Elon Musk), and then pretend like all socialists ideals (like spending money to educate people) are terrible ideas on the level of Hugo Chavez’s *dictatorial* misuse of power… It just proves to everyone reading that you are completely unreasonable and are so prejudiced there is little reason in having any serious conversation with you.”

Elon Musk is a crony capitalist (i.e. socialist), he works with the government, thus he’s not a true capitalist, just a shady socialist who enjoys making money on the backs of the taxpayers. Chavez is also a socialist. A true capitalist would be someone like Steve Jobs, and all those startups that haven’t gotten a dime from the government. However, the ones in city-funded incubators are socialists.

“You can’t have a rational discourse with someone who refuses to have rational discourse with someone who disagrees with them”.

You want a rational discourse? You want socialism? OK, find 100 friends and join a commune, that’s the kind of socialism I tolerate because it doesn’t cost me a dumb. Stupid people making stupid choices is fine with me. Ironically, in Israel the Kibbutz model is very successful, to a point, a lot of children leave the kibbutz when they grow up, they have dreams bigger than working for other people their entire lives. They want to work for themselves, have their own money, in a Kibbutz everything is decided collectively- where to go no vacation, what food should the cafeteria have, what cars do we need, etc. That’s socialism is a small scale, in a bigger scale is what you see in Denmark where you can buy a new car but your tax will be 110%. Want a luxury good? Get ready for VAT taxes. Love sweets? Careful! Their evil government has fat taxes, sweet taxes, etc.

Socialism turns the individual into a cog, he has no freedom, no choice, he’s a slave of his government. And yes, slavery can come in many forms, from Cuban slavery to Swedish slavery, but it’s all slavery. Doesn’t matter if it’s a gilded cage or one with rust and roaches.

Here’s a question, if socialist countries are so great, why aren’t millions of Americans learning Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finish, and moving there?

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