I suck at diversity.
Randi Lee Harper

How about judging people by their character? I’m so sick of this diversity bullshit. You’re a white woman, that means you’re less diverse than a black woman, whose also less diverse than a biracial woman, or a transexual woman, or a transexual woman in a wheelchair.

Where’s the demand for diversity in ballet? Most male dancers are gay. What about the NBA? Most players are black and tall. What about nursing? Most nurses are women.

I come from the advertising industry, an industry where most account executives and media people are female, and most creative people are male. That’s the way it is. Females like to wear pretty skirts, entertain clients, fly over the country, and get gifts from ABC, CBS, etc, that they don’t share with the office.

So enough with diversity! Stop discriminating against people just because they happen to be white and male. Diversity is racist, sexist, heterophobic, and EVIL. Diversity is reverse racism, and I will not tolerate it.

P.S. To the women who have ever said “we need a few strong men to carry the conference table,” FU! From now on, you carry the table, you do the heavy lifting, I’m sick and tired of being treated like a pack mule because I’m a man. I have a college degree, and if women are good enough to serve in the military, they can carry a bloody table.

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