I’m sorry to hear that your weight came back.
John Smith

I appreciate that, but I’m skeptical. The reason I lost all that weight was because my body wasn’t used to exercise. Now my body is used to exercise, so I won’t experience the same results.

I also read an article about how most Biggest Loser Contestants gained all their weight back. It’s not because they were lazy, but their metabolism changed. One contestant gains weight if she eats more than 500 calories.

Honestly, they would have been better getting gastric bypasses. I hear there’s even a new procedure that let’s you dump 10% of your stomach’s content in the toilet, it’s very new so it might not be approved for general use yet. I believe in that, if you want to win your war against nature, your #1 enemy, that’s what it takes.

You try to fool nature with diet and exercise, she just finds a way to ruin your plans.

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