“Gee, that describes EVERY POLITICAL MOVEMENT be it pro-life, pro-choice, pro-gun, anti-gun…
Timothy Samalik

I’m hardly in the MRA bandwagon, I’m not even a dues-paying member. However, I support their ideas, it’s about time someone speak for men who are discriminated against in this country not just by the feminists but by political correctness and diversity in general.

Things have gotten a lot worse since I graduated college in 2000. Now kids are being taught to “check your privilege” and that mentality is starting to escape academia.

I have seen shows I love such as The Big Bang Theory attacked for “not having enough diversity.” Now the PC forces are whining that 50% of films should be directed by women, people are losing their minds and they don’t see it.

The MRA is a buffer zone against unbridled feminism. It’s the same reason there’s a lot of hatred against hipsters and metrosexual. Personally, I don’t care if a man is feminine and walks with a stupid messenger bag and those horrible tattoos and ridiculous beard, but once they try to change our society, I take a stand against them.

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