Ok, regular office workers who have to get on the road by 5 to beat traffic.

I was a regular office working for many years, I woke up at 7am to leave the house at 8am or 820am to get to work at 9pm. Anyway leaving the house at 7am is either working too far away or living in a congested city like Los Angeles.

We all make choices, investment bankers for example make $70,000 their first year plus a bonus that can be $20,000 to $50,000+ However, that first year they work close to 80-hours a week. The second year is easier, they work 60–70 hours and if they can join a hedgefund, they’ll work less hours. The book “Young Money” details the lifestyle of these workers. Of course, they do it because the rewards are huge.

When you work in advertising and have to stay in the office until 9pm, or 3am, the rewards aren’t huge, but you do it because you’re hoping to keep building your portfolio so someday you can be the senior copywriter, creative director, etc. Maybe it happens, maybe it doesn’t. For me it did happen, I became a Senior Copywriter, but the rewards weren’t there. At my agency I had no one to manage, and I was only getting paid $57,000 while other seniors at other agencies make $65,000 to $85,000. Today I work from home, I make much less, but at least I’m free from the office BS scene.

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