If I Were a Racist Bastard, Trump Would Be My Obama
Ezinne Ukoha

It was the racist bastards that voted for Obama, and they have promoted white guilt, white privilege awareness, white bashing, every freaking day.

We can’t even have the Oscars without people complaining about the “lack of diversity.” Whites never bitch about the NBA not having enough white players, they understand that different people do different things, and yet black activists and their white enablers bitch about all kinds of things every freaking day.

But for your information, Trump isn’t a racist. Islam is not a race, is a RELIGION. Illegal alien is not a race, is an immigration status. Trump WON 40% of latinos and there are plenty of blacks that support Trump. The ones that don’t belong to the Democratic Party plantation, the ones that are sick and tired of Obama’s and Hillary’s BS, they’ll be voting for Trump.

So you liberals beware, political correctness will die the death it deserves, Trump will become president, and you will have to suffer him just like we suffered Obama.

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