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Liberals love corporations when they can control them. If a corporation is pro-gay, they love that corporation! But if a corporation fights to pay lower taxes or for something that actually benefits them, then they demand regulation and red tape.

As a right-libertarian, I do recognize corporations as people. After all, they are created by people, they represent people, they do not exist in a vacuum. Even if you create a dummy corporation for tax purposes, it’s human beings that will be filling and paying those yearly fees.

By the way, this legislation isn’t anti-lgbt, it’s simply pro-individual and pro-common sense. A gay church shouldn’t be forced to marry a straight couple, a gay bakery shouldn’t be forced to bake for straights or white supremacists or anyone they don’t like if they don’t want to. True capitalism demands consent! I have a business, I do not serve anyone, I trade with my customers. If they make an order I can’t fulfill, I refund the money.

The PC Nazis have gone too far. I supported gay rights when it meant abolishing don’t ask don’t tell, ending sodomy laws, and other areas that protect individual rights, such as adoption. This is ridiculous, and I will not support it.

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