You are literally what is wrong with the party.
Steve Skeldon

No, I’m what’s right with the party. Your dirty compromisers are ruining us! We lost with McCain and Romney! As Ann Coulter teaches, “ran like a Democrat, rule like a Republican.” Your w2ussy Republicans run like Republicans and govern like Democrats. The GOP needs a testosterone injection, it needs a real man at the helm, and Trump is that real man.

You think Kasich can beat Hillary? Not in a million years, but frankly, I don’t think Republicans like you care about winning, you know you can work with Hillary, get some of what you want from her. You remind me of that movie where John McCain’s advisor lectures Sarah Palin about how it’s a great thing that Obama won.

Frankly, your article pissed me off. Why aren’t you bashing Democrats? What kind of Republican are you? We’re supposed to hate the Democrats just like they hate us. Politics is warfare, we do not offer our other cheek. As Obama himself said, “if they bring a knife, we bring a gun.” I disagree with that Marxist on everything, but I agree with quote. Beating up the Democrats requires being as nasty as they are.

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