The Meme-ification of Misandry
Charlotte Shane

Oh great, another woman complaining about men. You know, without men you wouldn’t have made a living as a sex worker. You think women hire sex workers? You think the average lesbian is gonna pay $300-$500 for you? Good luck with that.

Frankly, I’m sick of misandry. If you hate men that much, go movie into a female-only commune, become a nun and join one of those cloisters, get your PhD and teach at an all women college. Of course, maybe it would be more productive to see a psychologist and get over your male hatred.

And for your information, there are plenty of women that have murdered men. Ever heard of Lizzie Borden? There are also cases of women raping men.

An erection does not mean consent, sweetheart.

Bah, the truth is women love having it both ways, they love the privileges of chivalry, the man that will open the door for them, the “women and children first” standard when a ship is sinking, the “hey, I need a few strong men to carry the conference table.” Of course, then they complain of equal pay for equal work, as if their work was equal. If I have to carry the conference room table and Silvana doesn’t, how the f-word is our work equal? Me and Silvana have college degrees, neither of us is supposed to be doing manual labor, and yet when the creative director demands brute force, it’s the women that yell for strong men. True gender equality would be both men and women carrying that stupid table. But of course, that can’t happen because God forbid women ruin their nails.