“I’m hardly in the MRA bandwagon, I’m not even a dues-paying member.
Timothy Samalik

“Political correctness is not something that discriminates against men. It’s a system of what will or won’t get you killed in Stalinist Russia, that is the ordinal definition.”

PC kills jobs, makes life uncomfortable, can result in death threats, so yeah, it’s a big deal. Besides, I never compared PC to the USSR or Hitler, so why go there? Obviously, there are worse things than PC, but PC is a form of mental collectivism which can lead to the deadly collectivism we see in Cuba.

“How can something be “Politically Correct” but be something that would ruin your political career?”

I wasn’t talking about a political career, PC isn't’ about politics, PC is a mindset. For example, Caitlin Jenner gets a sex change, PC says we have to accept it, call him a “she” or “her,” Make fun of Jenner at work or get your Facebook post shared with the wrong people, and you could lose your job. Yeah, I’ve seen people fired for less.

“Remember when Mitt Romney was a moderate Conservative, but he suddenly became further to the right to get elected? You know, when he “flip-flopped” or “sold out”. That’s political correctness.”

Well, he was a flip-flopper, someone who changes his mind often is a flip-flopper. Mitt Romney is the reason people like Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are so popular, both the left and right are sick of the establishment. We’re both tired of moderates telling us who to vote for. We don’t trust them anymore.

“Bullshit. I have been inside two community colleges and I have friends going to uni, there is none of that shit anywhere near the colleges here.”

Really? Because Reason Magazine had a story about a college that decided not to show Zoolander 2 because it makes fun of a transgender character. I can also show you stories of mandatory sensitivity training, white privilege awareness, and other PC BS.

“I’m an education major, the furthermost the field goes to the left is wanting more funding for the poorer schools and more assistant teaching students English.”

Good thing you didn’t choose social work, there was a conservative who had to sue because they wanted her to sign a social justice statement that went against her values. Social Work makes Education right-wing in comparison.

“I have seen shows attacked over and over again, because they had one gay guy on them. Perish the thought. There is 20 large bases on Youtube covering twice each every little thing said on the internet by women or men no one has heard of.”

Yes, I admit that the social conservative puritans get out of hand at times, and yet they have less influence than the left. Corporations rarely listen to the right, but they do listen to environmental activists, gay activists, etc.

“Hipsters don’t even really exist, you know that right? Who wants to be a hipster? How can a hipster technically exist if they are so mainstream? Wouldn’t hipsters be so anti-mainstream as to make up their own terms for themselves constantly?”

Yes, they do exist. Hipsters are the people shopping at Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, buying $10 organic bread, shopping retro brands with stupid names like Birch & Stone, gentrifying neighborhoods (the only thing they do right), etc. Of course, the joke now is that most hipsters don’t consider themselves hipsters just like most liberals in the media call themselves “moderates.” “Oh I’m just a moderate who supports gun control, abortion on demand, gay marriage, etc.” Sorry hon, if those are your views, you’re a liberal, and that’s OK. Just admit it so we can move on.

“Stupid messenger bag. You really must hate Indiana Jones and the Postal Service.”

Not really, both Indiana Jones and postmen serve a useful purpose, their fashion isn’t for the sake of fashion.

“Ridiculous beard…. So if we shave and trim we are bad, but if we grow it out like Jesus it’s bad.”

Hey, I’m expressing my opinion. If you want to look like the cast of Duck Dynasty, go ahead. I prefer the clean, trim, Roman look. Of course, PC means I’m not allowed to express those believes, PC demands I tolerate and accept everything which is impossible. The PC Nazis themselves are the most intolerant people on earth, they are always angry and offended.

I don’t even hate liberals, they make great porn and horror movies, I only hate them when they try to control my speech. John Stossel agrees, when he turned libertarian, the liberal media turned against him. The reason he has a career is because Fox Business Network gave him a show and Bill O’Reilly made him a recurring guest. Stossel admits that only conservatives want to talk to him, liberals don’t want him. Liberals don’t like debate, they like talking to people who think they they do, specially the PC-minded liberals.

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