Why the Tech Industry Shuns America’s Gun Problem
Scott Rosenberg

The tech industry isn’t into guns, they don’t know guns, they don’t hunt, plink, they wouldn’t know a semi-automatic from a muzzleloader.

Besides, there is no gun problem. If people kill each other with knives, do we say there’s a knife problem? If more children die in swimming pool accidents than by finding a handgun (yes, it’s true), do we say there’s a pool problem? No, we do not.

Furthermore, so-called “smart guns” are extremely dumb.

  1. I need a gun that can work without me wearing a wristwatch
  2. I need a gun that can’t be rendered useless by another techie. Phones can be jammed, guns can’t.
  3. The only smart gun I like is the one in Judge Dredd. That’s a gun you can talk to, say “double whammy” and it fires two shots in different directions. That’s cool. A $1,200 .22 isn’t cool.
  4. Since the smart gun can’t clean itself and doesn’t improve your markmanship, there’s no point in buying it.
  5. Every gun owner is responsible for his gun, relying on technology only makes us stupid. Do we blame keys when someone forgets to lock the door? Do we blame cars when people forget to change their oil? I don’t need technology making decisions for me.
  6. Gun owners would be more receptive to smart guns if the smart gun people weren’t haters. If you’re going to sell guns, you need to join the NRA, make pro-gun statements, and attend gun shows. The smart gun people are government whores, they demand laws be changed so we’re forced to buy their products. That’s not capitalism, that’s crony capitalism (i.e. socialism) and we don’t welcome it. Furthermore, true technology doesn’t outlaw former technology. If I don’t want to own a 3D TV set, I don’t have to. If I don’t like smart guns, no government in the world should force me to own them.

Gregory Smith

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