This is Not My Republican Party
Steve Skeldon

What a pathetic article, your Republican Party doesn’t win election, mine shall win with Trump.

Your Republican Party is full of RINO’s and Chamber of Commerce crony capitalists. Mine will purge them out. “

Your Republican Party is barely to the right of the Democratic Party, it’s no real alternative, it generates no excitement. Mine will.

“ We come at the issue from different angles, with different solutions, and because of this we must all learn to compromise and work together with those we disagree with.”

Oh yeah? Did Lincoln compromise with the South on slavery? Don’t give me this compromise BS. When Obama got elected, Democrats told us “elections have consequences.” Obama as a senator had an F-rating from the NRA. When has he compromised? Why should we compromise? In fact, it’s a shame that Republicans have majorities and they don’t always stop Obama. Compromise is a dirty word, FIGHT AND WIN! Stop being such a pussy!

Finally, if you’re not happy with the Republican Party, LEAVE. GO BE A DEMOCRAT, WE DON’T NEED YOU!

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