A Total Lie
Lauren Dillon

What Trump did is no different than what Tony Robbins does, I don’t know why you’re so upset. Did Trump force people to give money? No. He sold them an idea. I’ve went to a at free flipping seminar by Armando Montelongo, who didn’t show up. It was a waste of time, all they did was push their $3,000 weekend retreat. I got so angry because they kept asking questions like.

“Raise your hand if you want to make more money”
“Say “I” if you want to fire your boss.”

It was a cheerleading rally! And yet, capitalism allows this. Ever been to Orlando? Some timesharing companies will offer you free park tickets or discounted hotel rooms, but then you have to listen to 3+ hours of a sales seminar.

“all Trump delivered was an unaccredited certificate and money down the drain.”

Boo hoo hoo, years ago I got a LICENSE to sell insurance, that cost me $300. Then I was trained by Bankers. Then I discovered the job was cold calling and setting up appointments. I did not sell a single policy. Why did I got sucked into it? Because an insurance agent seminar convinced me about unlimited income and how insurance is something everyone needs. See? I’m not angry, it was a learning experience. Next time I feel the urge to sale, I will go to my local car dealer and apply for a job there. Car dealers don’t need licenses, thank God.

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