Your fat friend doesn’t feel fat.
Your Fat Friend

When I wear tight clothes, I feel fat, which is why I don’t wear them. I wonder if skinny people feel the same way? Or maybe they’re used to it?

I never understood tight clothes, what’s the point? Accentuating every muscle? Bah, I would rather be comfortable.

The truth is we’re all fat compared to someone else. Look at those pictures of prisoners in concentration camps, they will make the skinniest people feel fat. Heck, sometimes I love looking at pictures of anorexics, I love reading statistics of how they drop dead, I love it when some jock asshole hits the bucket. I LOL when some exercise and fitness preacher dies. I scream: “You see! All your healthy lifestyle was for nothing!”

My favorite story? The guy who popularized jogging dropped dead at 50, while jogging. It’s good when health nazis get what they deserve.

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