No Bill, No Break
Gabby Giffords

You animals on the sitting down on the floor like rabid dogs will never win! Republicans don’t need Giffords and the liberal media to get elected, they need people like me, and people like me HATE gun control.

We already have 20,000+ STUPID gun control laws, many of them unconstitutional. We already have an FBI that DID NOT investigate Mateen when he was reported by a Muslim in his Mosque and by the gun dealer. We already have Gun-Free Zones that create mass-shooter zones. Yet your solution is to persecute those of us who love our AR-15's?


The 2nd Amendment is forever! The REAL AMERICANS will defend it forever. We’ll buy more guns, we’ll give more money to the NRA, we’ll fight, fight, fight, until you give up.

Molon Labe, motherfuckers!

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