Powerful Analytics tool for Angular applications: Angulartics2
João Ribeiro

Hi Joao, I’ve been searching for a way to track users actions on a big angular app. Other ressources are invalid nothing works so far even google’s docs.
So I’m hopeful to get it done with angulartics2, but wasn’t able to set it up till now. My app.component.ts is a big mess full of services init. and there are no modules except the whole app. Also what I need to do is track who did what where when, so it’s just adding a way in the form submiters methods to collect these infos and send them to GTM.

Any help would be nice since everything isn’t working, to say the truth I’ve tried quite a few “tutorials” but I have no idea how they tested their code, I even seen one where the service’s class wasn’t exported and writer said ‘then include it there..’