The Lawyer Life 002: Work Life Balance is Bull#*##

Why it’s important to work Saturdays.

If you’re not working Saturdays, then you can’t compete. What are we talking about? Around the Halloween holiday on a Saturday morning, one of my staff and I went to the Neal Senior center in Shelby for the ‘trunk or treat.’ We gave out candy and other stuff to the kids. Was this to make money, No. Was there an opportunity to talk with potential clients, Absolutely.

Should you work Saturdays?

The way I see it is, if you’re serious about your brand, your message, you owe it to yourself, to your firm, and your community to get out there.

We have a mission to support our businesses, to make money, and sometimes we go places where we know most of the work we do is to educate seniors, (if you’re an elder lawyer). Sometimes it overlaps.

Working Saturdays, and even Sundays, shows the client you’re willing to go above and beyond, that you are willing to go to the next level. It shows you are willing to take maximum action whenever needed. Be a Saturday superstar.

I do fun events a lot of the time on Saturdays, so it’s kind of work and play. If you’re not doing it someone else will. That’s the point.

I’m an attorney, I take action to the next level. It’s not that I work all the time but, it’s a part of who I am.

I say work life balance is bull, but what I mean is this. I love my family, I’m with them a lot of the time, I work with friends to, and I have fun doing what I do. I’m always into it, no matter if I’m at home or wherever. My kids sometimes do homework at my office, my wife does some legal work for me, there’s a lot of overlap. I can’t tell you how many kids we’ve raised at the office. You work your work life and home life together.

We always hear, ‘leave it at the office, don’t take it home,’ can you do that effectively? I don’t think so. What you should do, is not care if the two merge.

You have to get known.

A lawyer’s main problem is nobody knows you. You think they do but they don’t. You must get your face out there, yes on Saturdays as well, and even Sundays. Be the face of the community.

I remember when lawyers were revered and respected, doing great things in the community. Now it seems that is not necessarily the case. ‘Lawyer’ has become a dirty word. Statistically even used car salesmen are ranked above lawyers. I have nothing against used car salesmen but there is that reputation that follows them around. Society looks down a list of professions and labels each as a whole. There’s also a heck of a lot of lawyers out there, just look at the yellow pages.

So, pick your niche, then set yourself a part. You must get out there, all the time, be omnipresent. I want people to get sick of me, I really do, and you should to.

Look at all the really successful people in the world. They work their passion. They don’t have days off. It all overlaps. So, take maximum action and work Saturdays.

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