The Lawyer Life 008: Cold? Turn up the heat.

Keeping the Intensity up in the off Season..

Greg McIntyre here for the lawyer life. I want to talk about December. December has always been a challenge for me, it’s a challenge for everybody who’s a lawyer I think. I say people want to pay Santa at Christmas time, they’re don’t care about paying their lawyer.

Last week I was committed, working over the top, I was at the office late every night, and 3.00 or 3.30 in the morning, up until 6–7 o’clock in the evening, then back in and just ran hard like that Monday to Friday. I caught up on sleep a little this week.

But one night, I knew I had another obligation the next morning, and I was not going to be at our morning meeting. I really believe in starting the engine at our office with an 8am meeting to make sure we are all on the same page, any emergencies we can address and getting everybody to start off with the right attitude and my attitude and heading in the direction I want them to go in. So, I put a lot of thought into December, we did some charitable stuff for our clients, we did other things in the community, and I give to charities all year, but what I’m talking about specifically, is keeping your revenues up in December.

When you have already checked out, and say, ‘December is a planning month’, what is that man, what’s a planning month? That means you’ve given up on making money that month. That’s what it means. You have given up on revenues that month. Well, I’ve got 6 kids so you know that I’ve got to pay Santa Claus too.

So I’m going to show you a recording I made for my staff, for our morning meeting.

This is a secret internal recording of McIntyre law on our December hot list and how to keep the love going and the revenue flowing.

How to make December hotter than July, that’s the goal.


“I couldn’t make the meeting this morning, it’s early or late, it’s 3 am, but I’ve got a lot of work done, still need to work on some files, and I’m going to be at BNI in the morning. So, please read my December list, I know we talked about hey we might want to do things for a potential client, and those are fine for the holidays, and I’m okay with that, holiday spirit that’s great, but really what I’m talking about is turning December on it’s head. Really making it better than July, hotter than July, the best month of the year by far.

And it will take a team effort but I think we can do that everyday. I promise to commit to writing down and documenting all our opportunities that I see and try to direct us to get those, and utilize everybody to do it. I need everybody involved to do that, and Hayden is going to help, Corey Leonard is going to help from Suite 1000. I want Hayden to block the time, make sure that time’s blocked and repeated for every week so you have that time, and everybody can see that it’s on the calendar.

Stick to it, make 25 calls a day, 5 minutes per call. Make sure you’re using a script for voicemails, make sure you’re using a specific script for all the calls, and you know how to close, and you’re doing sales training everyday. I’m going to get you to attend Cardone University. I want you to do that sales training every single day, at least 30 minutes a day.

I’m going to do it to, and I’m going to get us all doing that. Make sure you schedule for everybody, schedule me for appointments for the week of Christmas, especially because there’s a shortage that week, and we need to make money to justify that week and our salaries, and get paid for days off okay. I want everybody to get paid for days off but we have to be aware of that, and sensitive to that so we can pile on appointments for that week.

We need to pile on appointments for the week after Christmas. Hayden when you’re scheduling, I want you to make sure you pile on appointments for that week. Corey Leonard from Suite 1000 is calling, they’re calling people so hopefully they will schedule also okay. Well, you might say, people don’t want to see you then, put them there, push them there. Convince them why that’s the right thing to do. Fill me up for weekends and nights, I’m fine with that, I’ve yet to see anybody really do that but I really want to do that. It puts me here, I’m just going to get more work done.

Anna, I want you to contact Lawyer clients. Take the time out, take an hour or two immediately, call them all and let them know what’s going on with their cases. I want you in a customer service perspective so people are happy. Make sure you call our potential client that I sent an invoice for.

Julia I’d like you to work on closing out that PI case we have outstanding okay. Make sure we have the xrays, or whatever that person needs to follow up on that, so we get that done and closed out by the end of the year.

Suzi, I want you to work on closing and check out process. Make sure we get sales training for everyone. And make sure we are taking advantage of all our opportunities, and just how important sales training is, and how important spending an hour with someone is, quoting them a $3400 fee and then just letting them walk out the door without anyone or me taking the time for them. I was going back with another client without somebody taking the time or having a set process to do that. I feel like we need a process that suits me and a third-party. Handing off to someone else actually helps.

Giving them a different dynamic, shows them a different view, an attorneys space, could just help if we want to get serious about closing people on fees. And just help me get that in place and going and maybe set aside some time over the holidays, maybe a full day for processes.

Julia, help me complete the new probate fee sheet structure agreement. I really want to see that, that’s how we want to start billing new probate clients. I want to see it finished okay. If you would go and finish that will be fine. Upload in a proper place and drive. Let everybody know how it works, present it at a morning meeting, so everybody will be aware of what our new probate process fees are.

And I’m going to an elevated fee schedule for all our work okay, with trust accounting, and our hourly rate. Our staff fees are a hundred and fifty an hour, mine is going to be $300 dollars an hour. We make more money so we can all make more money okay. We start doing that on a regular basis and everybody starts getting paid more. I’ll pay everybody else more and myself more. Julia, I’d like to see you work on closing out the majority of our private cases. If those things can be closed out before the end of the year, lets close them out, lets bill them our fee. Let’s get paid on them and paid out of the estate.

Go ahead and get your processes in there and let’s get together at a scheduled time for us to sit down and maybe look at your template that you set up. And then I will probably want to pull in Anna, and make sure we start putting up templates for all the estate planning work. We will set up individual ones, bills, general durable POA, living will all those individually, and then we will put them together as a timeline for a foundations package. We’ll just develop our timeline for everything, so that when we put a project together, it will be easy to just apply these templates and it will be easy to move on with those.

Kelsey, I’d like you to work with everybody on how we can speed up on our processes. Work with Suzi and myself on the check out process, you know it so well, and really give input and how we can implement those things. I know you’ve worked a lot on intake forms and Julia was talking about Cleo and how it’s going to allow us to take out these intake forms, so that automatically, the client hits submit and it creates the client within Cleo without us having to do any data entry or information for the appointment. So, help work with us to build those things out and learn all those areas.

That was my number 1 okay. Just thinking about everybody and how they play their role. Carry can be overflowed, Stephanie can be overflowed, Anna, that’s you, I don’t want you to hesitate to use them. Call Stephanie, put her to work okay. Sign things, be involved in that space in your appointment so we can catch up and get everything done in a timely manner on the estate planning side.

№2 is promote, promote, promote. My thoughts are that everyone else is slacking off in my industry and every industry. It’s the end of the year and its Christmas time, it’s holiday season, and I understand where they are coming from but I want to do the exact opposite. I want to promote and elevate my writing and double it, video, radio, audio, and just get more custom content out there to anybody who might be listening, including our clients with the newsletter. Keep giving them cutting edge content and issues, content on issues in our field of senior care. I want to edit out my book this month, me and several others and have it ready to print, ebook and audio book, and ready to publish, on January 1st and that’s ‘Saving the Farm’.

№3 Train. I think most people have marketing budget training and they’re usually spent. They’re spent out at this time of year. I want to start training. I think we all need to be training every day, at least 30 minutes to 1 hour every day. 30 minutes in the morning, 30 minutes after lunch.

It would be great to build into all our schedules training on sales, maybe one session on sales and one on professional development, and another session on something related to your job okay. How you do your job better, either through elder counsel or vispro or some other of the services we subscribe to. So, lets implant training to everybody across the board, and I’m going to do that so I end up the year re-energized and motivated to really roll into 2016.

I want to be ready to double our income that’s the final goal, and I want to meet with every team member here to go over every goal and strategy to do that. I want to improve our processes to expand, to maximize what we do, and I think things are getting easier, and less stressful. I hope that’s your feeling.

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