Don’t Bet on Direct-to-Consumer Automotive Retail…..Just Yet.
Rudi Thun

Rudi, as always, a thoughtful point of view. For many years, the economics and proven consumer benefits have supported the transition you outline. Ther are billions and billions to be pulled from this archaic supply chain, in one-time investment reductions and in ongoing efficiency benefits.

Perhaps now, with examples in all sort of other industries, we will grapple with the political clout and momentum that state franchise laws, however outdated, provide. These statutes support both great dealers, of whom there are many, and coasters that continue to cling to pre-internet sales models and tactics. It’s hard to blame new entrants to the market for considering approaches that 1/ improve end customer satisfaction, 2/ maintain total control of the supply chain and 3/ subvert the myriad heinous examples so many of us have seen.

Your success and experience are examples of the good fight to be taken on and won.

Best of wishes with Roadster and the road ahead.