I am 32 and I do not have my shit together.
Jessica Semaan

you may already know this…no one has their shit together. and although that fact may fly in the face or everything you believe, it is indeed ‘the not getting your shit together’ that makes this shit worth it. all of life’s hidden joys and pleasures lie in the pursuit of self-fulfillment. its why we wake up and go. its why we act. its why we dream. it’s why you write. visit new places. set goals. make new friends. we are on an eternal spiral of figuring shit out and piecing shit together. and the irony is every time we figure out one piece we have to let go some other piece of lesser value. we just might be our best selves broken. love your brokenness

everybody’s shit is different. don’t compare yourself to others. there are things about you others wished they had…even the people with all things you hope for. material things lose their value as soon as you can afford them. but the thing that should never subside is the desire to be a better version of yourself. I think you’re on the right path. fuck getting your shit together and just get shit moving!

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