Greg Aziz — 7 More Tips on Being Happier

After my last post I got a lot of positive feedback. I figured I’d take another shot at adding more of my thoughts down. I hope this helps someone somewhere with ideas on how to bring more happiness into their lives!

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

Here’s my 7 tips.

7. Start a one-line-a-day gratitude journal

Right before you retire to bed, simply jot down one or two happy memory from that day. If you have kids the better. They’ll help you remember some of the best part of the day — you know they are genius at that. Reflection is one of the most important parts of happiness. Pausing to reflect on a positive part or event of the day cultivates gratitude.

What to jot down:

· Places you went to. This includes any interesting place you must have gone to during the day.

· Funny things or quotes you heard that really struck you.

· Enjoyable things you did during the day — birthday celebrations, eating competition… name them.

6. Take a stress reduction break with a deep meditation

You may not be the regular church-goer, but meditation for a while in the morning makes you feel fresh, awake, healthy and energetic. To help better your blood flow to your body during the meditation, try different postures. Believe me it will make your body flexible, and hey… less prone to diseases. No matter how many responsibilities you have or how much work you do try and take out one hour for the sake of your body and you will see a great difference.

Things to do during meditation:

· Perform ‘asanas’. You’ll like how soothing and refreshing it makes you feel.

· Say a little prayer to help you calm your thoughts

· Do some yoga. Believe me these ancient Indian arts will help you reduce stress from your body and focus all day long.

5. Do a light exercise in the morning

Did you know that a sharp and witty mind is of useless consolation if the body is sluggish and ill? If you didn’t, you be better do. You will only be at the top of your productive game if and only if a healthy and fit body accompanies what you consider a sharp clear mind of yours. Majority of us lead what, in fitness terms, is referred to as sedentary lifestyle — being cooped up in air conditioned offices, classrooms or libraries. And with a vast number of gadgets at our disposal, our efforts are so minimal even where daily duties are concerned.

Try the following exercises:

· If going to the gym bores you to death, try jogging, walking, jumping rope or hiking. They’ll make your skin look great and your lifespan will increase tenfold.

· You can also try aerobics, kick boxing, swimming or playing a favourite sport

· If you feel you have no time for the two, then doing some strenuous household chores will sure take care of your daily exercise needs.

4. Examine your commitments

It’s very simple. Stop making your life too way too full. You must understand that it is not possible to do everything you have possibly committed to doing, and you certainly won’t enjoy it when you try to do everything. So, accept that you can’t do everything. Know that you only ought to do what’s important to your life, and try to get rid of the unnecessary commitments — those that eat into your time, drain you of energy and wear you out physically, emotionally and psychologically.

What to get rid of:

· Surfing the web for some obscure trivia

· Stopping at the grocery store for the third time this week

· Answering the phone and chatting with whoever answers

· Catching the can’t miss show on TV

· Dealing with e-mail

3. Find inspiration daily

Whatever you do, a mega dose of inspiration will help you keep going, transform it into something wild and completely different or take it to the next level. You need that inspiration daily; first thing in the morning so that you can set the awesome tone for your day.

Where to find the inspiration:

· Get out and explore nature — you can watch out for rabid wildebeest

· Read a book by your favourite author

· Listen to some awesome music or a dope podcast

· Find someone who’s doing great things and thank them — remember if they can do it then it is within your powers of awesomeness to do it too.

2. Spend time with family and friends — or you will regret it on your deathbed

Hey, staying in touch with family and friends is one of the top three regrets of the dying. Such social time is highly — and I mean highly — valuable when it comes to improving your happiness, even if you’re an introvert. Generally, the time we spend with family and friends makes a very big difference on how we feel — we are always happy when we have family, friends and almost all the things we think make us happy are just ways of getting more family and friends. Dude, even a $100,000 is not worth more than your relationship.

What to do with family and friends:

· Bowling — grab your family members and friends and head to a bowling alley. You will enjoy more than just bowling. Most of these bowling alleys have pool tables, video arcades, a bar, a TV, and yes, of course, a variety of food and beverages.

· Chances are that you haven’t been to a museum in a while. So head to one and have fun.

· Window shop. Am sure you are thinking, “What! WINDOW SHOP! That’s not something a guy ought to do.” Dude, if you want some fun of your lifetime, and then grab your family and friends and head to the mall of your choice. In fact this could be the perfect time to meet someone new — you never know.

· A walk or jog. You need some fresh air, so grab a sibling, a friend, or a significant other and enjoy a good walk/jog.

1. Take your chances

Most often, we live our lives too cautiously, worried about what might go wrong. This is the time to be bold and risk it all. But you must first ask yourself what you really have to lose.

The chances to take:

· Quit your job and go to business for yourself. Be your own boss. But, hey… plan it out first!

· Go up to that girl you’ve liked for a long time and ask her out. She needs to know. So open up to her. You never know, she could probably be feeling the same thing about you.

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