This weekend is turning out to be somewhat of a seesaw for me.
Greg, what do you do when you go through a wave of sadness or minor depression?
Joanne Benitez

Hi Joanne,

So sorry to here. I have historically been very optimistic and action oriented. However, all this …stuff…has left me in a state of helplessness, aloneness, and yes I am often overwhelmed myself. So I am struggling with this often times myself. I find a spiral of negative thoughts…I do not like me or my view in these times. So times I get stuck for days…sad, but true. Action of any kind after a few days helps me…

Sometimes I just consciously chose to go with it…accept my sadness, weakness… implicit in this is accepting my feelings AND forgiving myself for letting them take over. Then it usually diminishes relatively quickly…for me. In other word, I just go with it…get it out of the way.

Sometime I just throw myself into a project, some work, anything to feel like I accomplished something…a sense of moving forward. Fifty fifty success with this approach I’m afraid…but, recently this tactic is improving. Exercise while doing this helps a lot. Socializing, taking care of daughter, play dates…I’m a very participating father and play with the kids. My daughter and I are active…small outings for a day, best with friends if possible.

Sorry I have no magic bullet…just find a reason, create one if you must, to find something positive in life and something to look forward to.