Greg, thank you.
Rachel Macy Stafford

Hi Rachel,

You are welcome!

Mainstream society seems preoccupied with each other…things they have and opinions. Envy and keeping up with the Jones's.

So many people forgot how to be happy…be in the moment, appreciate the beauty, notice all the beauty. So preoccupied with all the supposed to be’s, all the plans and wants, anxieties of missing out, living for the future…happiness can wait until…later!? Crazy.

When later happens, if all goes according to plan…they have forgotten to be happy. So many are so preoccupied they do not even notice how unhappy they are.

Last week my daughter finished first grade. After the program, she and her close friend pointed to me and announced to all their friends that “he is the tickle monster.” So I was. This 50 year old guy was chasing a bunch of 6 and 7 year old kids around the playground. Within 2 minutes I was literally piled on by about 8 girls! I looked up and all the adults … are adulting I guess. A few were taking pictures of us. No one was being with the kids, except to rush them to…wherever.

I really really do appreciate you helping me appreciate my daughter’s super power…noticing!! That is a great gift and life changing for all open to receiving it! Thank you!


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