I studied dimples on her hands and the way her eyes crinkled up when she smiled. I saw the way other people responded to her stopping to take time to talk to them. I saw the way she spotted the interesting bugs and pretty flowers. She was a Noticer, and I quickly learned that The Noticers of the world are rare and beautiful gifts.
The Day I Stopped Saying ‘Hurry Up’
Rachel Macy Stafford

My God…yes! My daughter exactly. She notices so so much.

I am also learning to pause and not worrying so much about being late.

Usually she gets distracted 10 times trying to brush her teeth…she notices something…and wants to show me. It is really frustrating at times…I hate having to be the hurry up heavy.

Weird..this morning she got up early, did everything either on her own or with one ask. We still left at the same time…the time will be filled. But, it was pleasant for a change. I thanked her.

I will thank her for noticing and sharing with me when I pick her up later. And I will watch her search for bugs and come when there is a “papa, I want to show you something.” 😃

Like you, I have been struggling to be in the moment lately…with her. Thanks for the reminder to cherish her.

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