I believe in my son.

I believe in his ability to overcome any life challenge. I believe in his ability to learn and evolve into the man he needs to become to live his own dream.

There were a lot of years that I projected my doubts and my fears onto him. I never could have imagined that he would face the obstacles and challenges he has in his young life.

I reminded myself this is his life, not mine.

I am merely the witness to his unfolding. I am grateful for this opportunity to witness his rising up. The contrast and transformation is amazing to witness and beautiful to observe.

One of the greatest gifts as a father is being the witness to the persistent growth and tenacity of my son. Was he confused, hurt and struggling? Did he stumble? Yes and Yes.

As cliche as it sounds, it doesn’t matter if he stumbled or fell, what matters is that he got back up, held himself accountable and rose to the challenge.

What greater gift can a father get than for his son to be on a good path and on his way to becoming comfortable with who he is?
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