This is a very very good point and speaks the power of the human mind.

I love this conversation. I have have been thinking lately that overcoming and coping with our environment is one of our greatest challenges and opportunities.

Rigid environments and bosses, yeah that is a challenge.

I remember in my 20s being frustrated with how inflexible my bosses were. The way they saw the business of the way I saw the business always seem to be different. I tried to reason with them and explain things to them and sometimes they give me permission to try some new things. But for the most part, I felt frustrated and that they were limiting my opportunities.

Eventually, I decided to strike out on my own. It was one of the greatest decisions I ever made. It was also one of the greatest challenges as well. I had a lot more freedom and I had a lot more responsibility when some of my creative choices didn’t work out. That being said, I wouldn’t change a thing. That is the path of entrepreneurship, experimentation.

The creative path is not the path most followed however for the right person it is the only path.

I can say without reservation, that those struggles to break out of the rigidity of a job by being in a job also provided me with the skills I needed to become aware of my strengths and then use my strengths to create the reality of which I dreamed.

That was 4 businesses ago and lots of fun and opportunities. Today, I’m building my fifth business after being semi retired. I’ve decided I still have something to do and to contribute.

My last parting words are “What do you feel that you can contribute? What need is not being met that you can fulfill?” Your answer to that question we will also reveal the opportunity that is developing within you. It will also reveal your strengths and the challenge. Build your strengths and use them.

Knowledge is one thing, doing is wisdom.

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