The Struggle of a Millennial, Working a 9–5

I’m definitely not a millennial and yet I have experienced the very same challenges and struggles you shared.

What if we chose to be unbound, unbridled and unattached to the how? Otherwise we simply follow the herd and do what is expected because that is what is expected.

I think the subtext to what you were sharing what is that you don’t feel a sense of freedom, isn’t freedom simply a mindset? Isn’t freedom concept? Because if it is, then I can experience a concept anywhere and anytime. It is simply a matter of learning to find and experience a sense of freedom in my mind.

When I feel imprisoned it is only a perception in my mind. If freedom is the office it then freedom is also a perception that I can create in my mind. Which also means I can create the experience on-demand. If I think I can or I think I can’t, either way I’m right.

Well doesn’t that sound so cliché? Yet in my experience, it is also true. I create a prison in my mind or I create freedom. I am always at a point of choice and that is my point of power – in the present moment.