even just five engaged true fans were more valuable than five thousands followers.
The Consumer Isn’t A Moron
Ali Mese

This is the harsh reality of how marketing and sales really works, engagement via extreme value creation or nothing. There is no middle ground.

I am old enough to have walked the entrepreneurial path before the internet arrived. Engagement was king because withiout it you coukld not create trust, build rapport and tell yoir story long enough so your prospect could really “hear’ your value proposition. None of that ha changed.

Has social media blindness and content fatigue to all things social i.e. Facebook news feeds, tweets, blog posts, video, audio and turning the table on new media? Is it time for some old school sales skills and tactics. More IRL (in real life) conversations, relationship building and trust creating face-to-face time… everything I’m experiencing in launching my fifth business tells me this is the new reality.

Spending the time to cultivate true fans, real relationships and buold a business one custonmer at a time.

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