What would life look like if I gave myself permission to truly live the life I want?

What would it look like if I had no excuses, reasons or fears that I allowed to hold me back? For myself, I know my life would be substantially different. I’m not talking about developing some narcissistic totally self-centered lifestyle, talking about living a life of meaning by focusing on only those things that truly matter.

I don’t know what it looks like for you, I can tell you that looking back on life from the vantage point of having lived 60 years looks substantially different than even five years ago. In so many ways, the world we live in today is substantially different than the world thirty years ago. Yet they have many similarities.

Thirty years ago I was concerned about career, making money and having a good life. Today it’s looks different. Not because money isn’t as important or critical as it used to be. It’s that I have a different perspective on life. I’m not gonna be able take my money with me. What will follow me is my conscious mind.

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