Don’t Let The Trolls Get You Down: Advice to a Fellow Besieged Democrat

I’m sitting on a patio in Kauai right now. I, not as much as you, am attacked by right wing trolls on Facebook all the time.

I left REDDING for Sacramento partly because TWICE that right wing dominated city turned down a 1/4 cent sales tax that would have restored police and fire protection levels to 2008 Pre Recession levels. And it nearly burned down. We will never know how doing very little for fire prevention,for ten years, set REDDING up for disaster.

And what do the trolls say now?

The fires are the governments fault for not allowing logging companies into National Forests to “thin” the trees (clear cut). Bill Whalen who assisted WILSON in committing Republican Electoral suicide, could not bring himself to type global warming in a recent Bee article: he mentioned increased temperatures as a cause way after, you guessed it, poor government stewardship of National Forests; ignoring that REDDING is NOT in a National Forest.

But always, I mean always, it’s the governments fault.

Hitler’s first strategy in undermining the Weimar Republic was always blame the liberal democracy. Trump does the same thing. The trolls on Facebook do the same thing.

So I left… first REDDING, and now briefly Sacramento, and I flew to Kauai to temporarily get away from the smoke.

Unfortunately, or not depending on your responsibility level, I started reading a book, “The Death of Democracy: Hitlers Rise to power and the downfall of the Weimar Republic”.

Many years ago I took a class on the Weimar Republic at Stanford from a professor Craig, a leading expert on Hitler and the Weimar Republic. The themes and facts have not changed. America Great Again, Germany Great Again…same slogans!

So much for escapism!

We are facing fascism as sure as REDDING will burn again. It might not be Nazism, but it is the same ballpark.

What we CANNOT do is wink and nod and figure it will burn itself out.

We have an attack on democracy going on right here, as assuredly as the attack fossil fuel overuse has foisted on us today.

The Weimar Republic did not have the advantage of the template we have as to fascism’s corrosive effect and its insidious growth.

I’m returning from Kauai tomorrow. There is no escape from this political, social, economic malignancy.

The trolls await…..