My take on the election.

I wrote this to a friend who is troubled by the adversarial nature of our current politics. Fear not, the women of America are coming to our rescue…But this won’t be easy:

My response: It’s the Plutocratic Fascism….

It unfortunately will be a war, not pretty and not with much cooperation. But keep in mind, and this may sound juvenille, but it is their fault. Liberals did not start this mess!

The Republican Party allowed itself to be taken over by fascists when the Tea Party reacted to Obama being elected. Any idiot could see that this reaction was racist as hell; but also backed by the Koch brothers (they bought their signs) who used the guise of anti-taxes to hide a fascist agenda.

They just tried the same stunt AGAIN in California, with Prop 6, trying to cut a tax to gain for what is simply a plutocratic fascist agenda. They endangered millions of people to gain a political advantage and probably save a few Congressional seats in rural California from the blue wave that just happened. They did not care about the tax repeal at all, it was an excuse to preserve the House of Representatives for their right wing agenda.

I don’t use that term fascist, like Nazi, but like the classic fascist parties that exist right now in Italy. This is a religious reactionary right wing authoritarian movement, that imposes it will on problems, never solving them, but eliminating the proponents for change in a avalanche of pure bullshit. Sound like Trump. It also is a plutocracy, corrupt to the core, that uses the political destruction it causes to make lots of money; sounds a lot like Trump.

We are in a battle for the soul of America. We now have a start, and the vanguard of it will be women, who are shocked and angered by the authoritarian male driven political nihilism that is Trump.

And fascism feeds on political upheaval. That is what is going on right now; this all started with the Tea Party in 2008; electing a fascist wave of extremists who have dogged our politics ever since.

A few of them were defeated last night, but not enough. The fascist in Iowa, King, was not defeated. Scott from Florida was not defeated; etc. We scared it a little last night, but it will take a lot more new voters to kill it with democracy. That is the only way to kill it. And do NOT be lured into compromising or cooperating with this political illness…it never works.

You have to vote it out of relevance…it will still be there, like in California and Italy, but it will be defanged…..

If it gets to war, that is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. That is why all the gun rights bullshit. The right wingers have stockpiled weapons to do one thing…Fight a war.

When fascism has succeeded in the past, it moves into a cycle of corruption and yes warfare, since fascism needs that to exist. Trump stirs stuff up all the time, because that is the Fascist agenda. Fascism feeds on conflict…..

Remember one thing, if this thing goes down, they are well armed and ready to kill. That’s right, your crazy uncle is fully capable of killing you for his “beliefs” this Thanksgiving…That is why women have to be the ones to carry the resistance, because at least a few fascists will hesitate at Thanksgiving before they get their AR15 if women are arguing against them. But Mano e Mano..forget it!

I was discussing politics a few days ago and was asked out of the blue if I got in any fist fights when I was in high school. Fist fights??!

I said of course not, none of my friends did either. My friend was incredulous, and nearly called me a wimp, a liberal wimp I suppose. Now he was talking to a person who played four years of college football! I am not a physical coward. I know a lot of street fighters who when they took a hit in football, cried. Getting in fights is NOT a sign of manhood, it is a sign of stupidity.

Moral courage is much harder than physical courage!

But this is the agenda, depict liberals as cowards, as soft on crime, as wimps. This is exactly the tact that Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo used….depict your political opponents as wimps, as not strong…

None of us, I mean none of us know what they will do in combat. I pray never to find out. But the authoritarian thrives on the bullshit that a fist fight is somehow a show of power and righteousness….Really, read the Bible! What would Jesus say…remember he/she who is free of sin will cast the first stone? Nobody grabbed a stone!

Hitler rose to power by employing a group of thugs who beat up opponents. Once he gained power, he killed the Brown Shirts who had helped him bully him into power. And Hitler never swung a moral punch at anyone IF IT MEANT BY STANDING UP FOR WHAT WAS RIGHT WOULD COST HIM…Neither has Trump! Morally they both are cowards. You watch, if it goes down, Trump will be the first one in the shelter….and he will close the door on others…Hitler and Trump are/were both MORAL cowards….

The fact is the fascist dictator is usually no moral or even physical fighter, he is too crafty for that…he puts suckers up to do his dirty work. Remember the Japanese Emperor, who millions of Japanese died for, hid in his compound as his country was destroyed, finally emerging after two cities lie in Atomic rubble, as a small meek person. They committed suicide for a man who was simply did not exist. It was all a con perpetrated by a fascist cabal of military leaders, some of whom were hung as war criminals…

Read “An Anatomy of Fascism”, it is a good read, not a screaming slogan, that puts this entire thing into perspective.

I use fascist in my writing a lot, but NOT as a fear monger slogan, we get enough of that from our poor fascist friends. I use it because it is the truth.

And it can be beaten as long as we maintain our democratic system; as long as we don’t get into the mud with the pigs so to speak. It will be a long two years, but we now have the leverage to fight back.

Oh, it also may mean the end to friendships. But that is a small price to pay.

Look at it this way: your friends who have this illness of authoritarianism are being fooled. Ask them about their tax burden and the give away tax cut to corporations. Ask them about their concerns for their grandchildren, whose future is being threatened by climate change, and the fascist deniers who are taking money from the oil and gas companies. Ask about the Koch Brothers, right wing fascists who are bankrolling a lot of this. AND FINALLY ASK THEM ABOUT THE CORRUPTION, THAT RUNS STRAIGHT THROUGH THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION AND EVERY OTHER AUTHORITARIAN FASCIST REGIME. ITS A CON!

And then remind Republicans about Dwight Eisenhower, John Foster Dulles, Teddy Roosevelt, and yes Lincoln, who would be shocked by their party’s right wing swing.

Lincoln and Eisenhower probably killed more people indirectly than any of our leaders, and never reveled in it at all. They cringed at what they had to do.

Our friends are sick…We need to try to cure them….before it gets to where it was in WWII..

But we can’t do it by not reacting strongly to the abuses of power. We now have a little leverage to stop Trump’s authoritarianism….

Use it!