Where Did You Go?

by Gregory Behrens

I wrote this poem last year as a birthday present to my mom as a way to tell her how much I loved her even when we were apart.

I couldn’t find you, so I took to flight.

Fighting wind and rain and dark of night.

When my fuel ran low I took to land…

…through tropical heat and desert sand.

I walked and walked until my face was blue, determined just to get to you.

I reached the ocean so I took to sea,

wondering just how long this trip would be.

I rowed and rowed night and day, through violent squalls and giant waves.

When I grew tired my boat crashed.

I hit against rocks and the ship was smashed.

I punched the water in dejection, when the water settled I saw your reflection.

Around the world and back again, determined just to hold your hand.

I looked & looked but did not see, when suddenly I realized you were me.

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