Exciting days for Invia Robotics.

I am super excited to partner with @DanGwak and P72 Ventures team on the @InviaRobotics $20M Series B investment. I believe what @liorelazary and his entire team are building is some of the most exciting technology coming out of #LongLA.

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We originally invested in Invia Robotics a year ago (before there were any real customers) and already their low-cost goods-to-person robotics solution is seamlessly integrating directly with human workers to automate fulfillment systems in the commerce warehouses. Live. In the wild.

The robots pick and deliver totes and trays directly to pickers, eliminating unnecessary, wasteful travel time in the warehouse aisles. The system merges with existing warehouse management software, offering a more complete solution with predictable costs and scalability. …


Greg Bettinelli

Los Angeles via Petaluma. Operator turned investor @UpfrontVC. Advisor @FreemanSpogli. Co-founder @MuckerLab. Former CMO @HauteLook (@Nordstrom), @eBay. #LongLA

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